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Post Prostate Surgery Sessions

A diagnosis of prostate cancer can be a devastating blow to a man on so many levels. And in some cases it can put a serious strain on a relationship. I have worked with many men to help them recover both physically and emotionally, from the aftermath of prostate surgery and other medical interventions.

Issues and problems vary from person to person, and from couple to couple, from incontinence to impotence, to insecurity as to how they will be able to successfully function in the days, months and years to come.

Some men come in to see me on their own, to heal and reclaim their confidence again. And others come in with their partner, if/when the partner wants to be a helper in the process of recovery. Sometimes it is the partner who initiates the sessions… and when the partner is also dedicated to the healing, this can create a beautifully intimate sharing between them.

The partner of one of the men that I worked with wrote a book about their post surgery healing journey, and she included a chapter about her work with me in ‘A Woman’s Guide To Thriving After Prostate Cancer’ by Cindie Hubiak. It Googles, if you’re interested.

If you are someone who has been faced with this physical and emotional challenge, then you may already realize that there is precious little help out there in the world for people in this situation. Please feel free to call me for a complimentary consultation about this.