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Radical Self-Care Mentoring

Many contemporary groups and teachers that attach the label ‘TANTRA’ to their work are promoting more open attitudes towards sexuality. This is an intermediary evolution of the sexual liberation movement that was kicked off in the 1960′s with the slogan of the hippies and the flower children … ‘Make Love, Not War’.

While philosophically this is a great idea, opening sexually is not necessarily a good idea for all people under all circumstances. And in some circumstances, it can have disasterous consequences. Self awareness and inspired intuition is the key here.

TANTRA is a path of awakening to your true self, in body, mind & spirit. Accessing greater personal awareness can lead to more appropriate choices for who you are and where you are in your life, at any given time.

What I propose to do in these session is inspire you to feel into and access your own deeper truth about who you really are, and where you are relative to your own journey of healing and empowerment…. at all three levels of body, mind and spirit.

For some people opening up sexually is just exactly the right thing. And for others, a period of celibacy may be just the right thing. Oftentimes, we need some help to be able to discern which is right for us at any given time. I am here to help you with this, and I have no particular bias as to how anyone should do this. Your deepest needs are my best guide in how I support you.

‘Radical-Self Care’ may include but not be limited to…

Finding out what may be required to help you reach a stronger level of physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

It can include bodywork, movement work, counseling, coaching and just having the availability of a trusted mentor and friend to be a sounding board and guiding influence, as you explore some of the deeper nooks and crannies of your own body and your life.

It can include … (but is not limited to)

  • * Helping you create an online profile to attract an appropriate partner
  • * Inspiring you to create a body you will love to live in
  • * Helping you have the courage to leave a relationship that no longer serves you without losing the love, or your self esteem.
  • * Helping you figure out what you really do need from the others in your life, and what you need to know, do and say, to have it.

And so much more….