One could say that my life has been guided by a ‘mystical’ experience I had when I was five years old. This particular scenario takes place in Staten Island, NY.

It was nearing twilight on a gray, icy cold afternoon in mid December when my Nana and I arrived at the funeral parlor. My dear Daddy was the main attraction, handsomely dressed to the nines, and ‘laid out’ in a shiny, satin-lined mahogany casket. Nothing could have prepared me for this moment in my young life, and the memory is still a crystal clear and technicolor image in my mind’s eye as I write this, so many years later.

There I was, just a wee small girl, standing amid the sprays of white and yellow flowers illuminated by the glow of what seemed like a hundred flickering candles. And it was as though a portal opened and the urgent message trying to reach into me went something like...

“Why don’t people know they are more powerful than this? I have to tell them!”

Of course, it wasn’t in exactly those words. After all, I was only five ...It was more of a psychic impression that I would only begin to decipher many years later. Dad was Catholic and a Rosicrucian, which is the mystical sect of Catholicism, similar to what Kabbalah is to Judaism. And my Mom was Jewish, more by culture and heritage than by religion. As I grew a little older I learned that it had been agreed upon that my only sibling, my brother Robert, and I would be raised in Catholic schools, as per my Dad’s dying wishes.

The impression left by that scene in the funeral parlor and my Dad’s early departure from this realm had a profound effect on my young psyche, and throughout my childhood the only subject that truly interested me was religion. I wanted to know the truth about this mysterious existence I had been born into. And the truth about the mysteries of life and death. I wanted to know what is it that awaits us beyond this life…if anything.

During my middle years in parochial school, and not too long after I received the sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation, I was beginning to perceive the holes in the religious story, to the great dismay and consternation of the nuns who were my teachers. And by the time I was in the 7th grade I had concluded that the only heaven that I, or anyone, was ever going to see was not a place anyone goes to when they die, but rather a state of consciousness. And I imagined it was going to be attainable in THIS lifetime.

It is this very same conclusion that would eventually lead me to various paths of holistic healing, The Human Potential Movement, The Living Love Methods of Consciousness Growth, and ultimately the path of Tantra.

This unusual, and out-of-the box journey has offered me the opportunity to personally meet and learn from some of the most extraordinary teachers, masters, and healers on the planet at this time. I will list some of them to give you an idea of the deep wells of wisdom and inspiration from which I draw the insights and information that I share with my clients, in the service of their healing, empowerment, and enlightenment in body, mind and spirit.

The Indian Tantric Mystic and Master Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh aka Osho * Tantra

Ken Keyes, Jr. * Consciousness Growth and ‘The Living Love Methods’ Teaching Unconditional Love

Deepak Chopra * Mind Body Medicine and Ayurveda Author of ‘Ageless Body, Timeless Mind’ (among many, many other best sellers)

Candace Pert * Molecules of Emotion

Jean Houston * The Possible Human

Marianne Williamson * Sister Giant * Contemporary Spirituality for Feminine Empowerment

Leonard Orr * Physical Immortality

Sondra Ray * Physical Immortality

David Deida * Enlightened Sexuality & Relationships

Emilie Conrad * Life On Land

Ram Dass * Be Here Now

Byron Katie * The Work

Carolyn Myss * Anatomy of the Spirit

Eckhart Tolle * The Power of Now

Connie Miller * Kripalu Yoga and Yogarhythmics