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Body Awareness & Movement Sessions

In TANTRA, your body is your base. Unlike many, or even most, ‘spiritual’ paths on our beautiful Earth, which encourage people to look to spirit and to the world that lies beyond the body and beyond this life of form, tantra brings you home to your body and to your very own self.

In TANTRA an individual is encouraged to deny nothing, because it is in the transformation of our shadow aspects where the light is to be uncovered. TANTRA believes in YOU, in total.

“The journey into the light is through the center of our own darkness”

The value and purpose of tantric body awareness and movement sessions is to help you free up the frozen aspects of your body, and then consequently….your mind.

We humans have been living in a linear reality. Our language is linear. Our movements are linear. Our athletics are linear, and so on. Yet, the human body is more than 90% water. And water wants to flow. It wants to circulate and undulate…And perhaps ultimately, it even wants to celebrate.

Several years ago, I worked with a client who came to see me from Canada. Ordinarily, I would not introduce a first-time client to movement practices, but my intuition told me to offer this person a movement session, since I might not ever see him again. This man took to the session like a duck takes to water, and he has been practicing what I taught him, in some form every day ever since.

He has come to see me many times since then and he has told me that the work I did with him on that first session was life changing for him. Prior to our sessions, he was hardly aware of his physical body. He had never felt at home there. And the psychological affect this had on him was to cause him to be quite introverted. As his personality began changing as a result of his new found bodily and energetic freedom, he became more open, more present, more available…And he had a far greater capacity to have fun. He was becoming freer…to laugh, to play, and to remember the loving, playful person he really was on the inside.

The movement sessions I offer people are inspired by my work with many leading edge movement teachers, and disciples of contemporary, innovative teachers…

Among them are….

Osho … Dynamic and Kundalini Meditation..among others

* Yogarhythmics ..Connie Miller…. Kripalu Dansekinetics

* Emile Conrad .. .Life on Land

* Ilana Rubenfeld.. Rubenfeld Synergy Method

* Ida Rolf …. Rolfing