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is really crucial for every man to know.

This knowledge and practice may affect your health, your sexuality, your sensuality, and your longevity.

ENERGY MASTERY for men is unfortunately, somewhat of a lost art. I am told that sales of pharmaceutical drugs such as Viagra, Cyalis and Levitra are in the realm of $60 million a month. Yes, a month!

If men understood the principles of energy mastery, both premature ejaculation PE and erectile dysfunction ED would be almost unheard of.

I teach the basic skills of Energy Mastery in a two hour session or in a 4 and 1/2 hour series, which is taken in 3 ninety minute sessions.

Learning this practice could be a complete game changer for any man, at almost any age.

Wellness Alert *** The little known link between ED and heart disease.

Did you know that there are other, even earlier signs than the usual ones, that can signal you that you may be in danger of having a heart attack?

There are. Medical research has done a lot of work in recent years looking at the signs and symptoms patients experienced in the months, or even years, leading up to a heart attack. "The heart, along with the arteries that feed it, is one big muscle. And when it starts to fail the symptoms can show up in many parts of the body" says cardiologist Dr. Jonathan Goldstein of St. Michael’s Medical Center in New Jersey.

Something cardiologists know but the average person doesn’t, is that erectile dysfunction ED is considered one of the best early symptoms of heart disease. "Today, any patient who comes in with ED can be considered a cardiovascular risk until proven otherwise," says Dr. Goldstein. In women, the reduced blood flow to the genitals can interfere with arousal, making it harder to orgasm and making orgasms less powerful.

Doctors at The Mayo Clinic tracked men ages 40 to 49 with erectile dysfunction, and found they were twice as likely to develop heart disease as those with no sexual issues. Another study discovered that two of three men treated for cardiovascular disease also suffered from ED, sometimes for years before they were diagnosed with heart problems.

Here’s why this happens... Constriction and hardening of the arteries reduces blood flow to the penis, which causes difficulty when it comes to getting and keeping an erection. Because those arteries are smaller than the ones leading to the heart, erectile dysfunction can occur before any other sign of compromised arterial function. The resulting reduction of oxygen also leads to fatigue and weakness, which in turn affects libido. The obvious conclusion here is that lack of sexual desire can be an indication of a cardiovascular problem.

If you or your partner has difficulty getting or maintaining an erection, or is having issues with libido and/or orgasm, that’s enough reason to look for a possible underlying cause. If this is the case, consider seeking out professional help to assess the underlying causes, and rule out anything that could be or become, really serious.

Remember “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

There are many natural non-invasive things people can do to affect a positive change in these conditions in their earlier stages. In my personal and professional opinion it makes really good sense to find out what they are.