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Intuitive High Level Wellness Support & Holistic Healing

Have you ever heard the term 'Medical Intuitive’?

A 'Medical Intuitive' is an alternative practitioner who claims to use heightened intuitive abilities to find the cause(s) of a physical or emotional condition.

Other terms might be 'medical clairvoyant', 'medical psychic' or 'intuitive counselor'.

I refer to myself as a 'High Level Wellness Intuitive’ for the following reasons …

  • * I have been studying holistic healing and consciousness studies for several decades.
  • * I have been engaged in the alternative health fields in various capacities, also over several decades, to include Biofeedback, Bio-Integration Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Kripalu Dansekinetics (Yogic movement therapy), Consciousness training, and numerous other forms of holistic healing and personal growth teachings and therapies.
  • * I have studied and personally met, with many masters and teachers in the fields of holistic health, anti-aging and High Level Wellness.

Some of these teachers are ...

  • Deepak Chopra
  • Ken Keyes, Jr.
  • Osho
  • Bruce Lipton Phd.
  • Candace Pert Phd.
  • and many, many others.

* And ... I work with these principles on a daily basis in my own life and with my clients, to achieve and maintain positive, vibrant and healthful outcomes.

As a result of these teachings I often can see processes taking place within a person's body, mind and emotions, and help them create an individualized plan for better health and vitality than they may have ever experienced before.

I am obliged to offer a DISCLAIMER here, and say ...."This is not intended to replace the advice and/or prescriptions of your medical and/or mental health provider(s). Any and all alternative and holistic therapies require a high level of personal self-awareness and responsibility on the part of the client. In my practice you are inspired, encouraged and supported, to become your own best health advocate.”