Energy Mastery

Activate the Power Within You and


  • Increased sexual sensation
  • More nuanced sexual experiences
  • Deeper connections in intimacy
  • Increased libido
  • Lessening of anxiety around sexual performance
  • Improved health & vitality on all levels of body, mind & spirit

ARE YOU one of the millions of men relying on pills, worried that your virility is a thing of the past?

I want you to know that there IS a safe, effective, and natural way for you to become the master of your sexual energy.

Discover the secret about sexual energy that is changing the lives of men everywhere!

Revitalize your sexual energy and return to your erotic innocence.

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Inner Power

YES, Dear Man,

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There IS a simple and ancient understanding that can change your relationship to your sexual energy forever.

I know, this is a bold statement. But I have literally seen THE LIGHTS COME ON for so many men when they grasp this! That's why I can say with total honesty and integrity that

this really works!!!

And...... it CAN and WILL work for you too, when you get this understanding, and do the simple practices that it is my pleasure and privilege to share with you.

This is information that, in a more sexually enlightened world, would have been taught to you at puberty.

But, the miracle of the human body is such that it can make positive changes at almost any age. You just need to input the right information.

And this IS the right information!

So, if this feels like it's speaking to you, take hold of this and go for it .......

and YOU WILL BE AMAZED at the results!!!

Inner Power

My name is Jivana and I have been a tantric healer for almost 20 years. And I have seen this information make a huge difference for men of all ages, time and time again. I am a first generation disciple of an Indian tantric master, and I've worked with thousands of men over the years I have been in practice.. men who came to me because they wanted to have more power and control over their sexual energy.

The extraordinary benefits of Energy Mastery DO work to alleviate premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, AND they actually go far beyond that, and ultimately even beyond sex and relationships.

Because when you learn how to become the master of your own sexual energy, at the same time you learn how to be more intimate with yourself, with others, and with your world.

Today's sensual man:

  • wants to know that he can have powerful erections anytime he wants
  • wants to be free of performance anxiety
  • wants high energy health and vitality on all levels of his being, body, mind & spirit.
  • wants to know that he can sustain his erections for as long as he would like....

Personally, I would love it if every man could have access to these incredible secrets...because they give you access to the deeper mysteries of sex and spirit, and to the amazing power of Eros

to heal, balance and empower your life, on every level.

DID YOU KNOW that in some ancient cultures where sexuality was seen as sacred, a gift from the gods, powerful exercises and sexual attitudes were passed on to young men by their elders at puberty?

However.... due to the repression and control over human sexuality that has been the pervasive sexual climate in much of the world for many centuries, this sacred masculine wisdom has been suppressed... UNTIL NOW.

When you discover that YOUR BODY CAN REGENERATE AND REJUVENATE, without the props, without the pills, you will be amazed!!!

And this can revitalize other areas of your life as well, in a surprisingly positive way!....




For less than the cost of a doctors visit and a few little blue pills, learn a skill that will last you a lifetime for only $47.95

Inner Power

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©Jivana Kennedy 2011