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Tantra Inspired Relationship Coaching & Counseling

TANTRA is an ancient spiritual path with profound contemporary implications. In tantra the human body is seen as energy and information. This energy and information has been acquiring mass and content since the beginning of time. We receive some of this information from our ancestral line delivered to us in the form of our DNA. And some of it comes from both the collective consciousness, and from the culture we live in.

When we come together with another person our initial interactions are typically influenced by the dance of our hormones and the desires of our imaginations that tell us what intimate bliss might be like....the 'Happily Ever After' fairytale many of us were raised on. Then, as time goes on people begin to experience the deeper layers of themselves and their partners that were not accessible before the intimacy reached new levels of familiarity. And the fairy tale slowly begins to crumble under the weight of reality. Life stresses pile up on top of that, and people often begin to separate, sometimes just to keep the stress at a somewhat manageable level. Often this can lead to a situation where couples begin to feel more like roommates, than lovers. And in the worse case scenarios, it winds up as divorce.

When I work with couples in various stages of this situation, from new relationships to ones that have covered decades of life, I help them come to terms with the things that are not allowing them to be close and connected, and help them create a plan for deepening their connection. Sometimes there is a difference in their picture of what relationship means, that needs to be resolved. Sometimes there's been an indiscretion, a broken trust, that needs to be dealt with and forgiven. Sometimes there are conflicts about money or children, or in-laws, or sex. The challenges to love are varied and multiple.

The good news is that most problems can be resolved when they are shared with a trusted mentor and friend, especially when a couple is inspired to REKINDLE the love they had when they first came together. I've seen this happen time and time again with tantra inspired relationship coaching and counseling.

It's hardly ever too late to REKINDLE the intimacy when a couple is inspired, motivated and encouraged to return to the love.

I draw my inspiration for this work from living in the buddhafield of Osho, a tantric master, for many years ... and from my own personal life experiences.

Some of the teachers I have worked with, and whose work I draw from are ...

* David Deida * Intimate Communion

* Diana & Michael Richardson * The Heart of Tantric Sex

* Zulma Reyo * The Inner Woman

* Marianne Williamson * Return to Love

* Michael Brown * The Presence Process


And many other healers and teachers on the leading edge of thought relative to life, love, sexuality and relationships. And what is required to safely, sanely and sagely surf the waves of intimacy and sexuality in these rapidly changing times, wherein all the rules and expectations relative to relationship, sexuality and intimacy are often in a profound and chaotic flux.