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Tantric Healing Touch

People often ask me “How is a ‘tantric healing touch’ session different from a regular massage?”

Typically a massage therapist is addressing and helping you to release tensions in your physical body. …in the muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and so on.

A tantric healer may be using similar strokes to what you are familiar with, however a ‘tantric healing touch’ session opens up a bigger space for you to contact more of who you really are, on an energetic level.

  • * What imprints has your body been holding, perhaps even since childhood?

  • * What traumas and emotions are stored and reflected in the tissues of your body that affect your enjoyment of life, your creativity and self expression, and even your intimate relationships?

  • * How free are your movements, so that you can begin to feel the maximum aliveness that becomes available to you when you release blocked energy patterns….sometimes called holding patterns.

  • * How flexible are you and what is your potential for increasing that flexibility? And so on…


Some people will have an emotional release during a session, getting in touch with grief or anger or some other emotion that’s been buried for a long time… which allows them to then feel freer and lighter. An energetic burden falls away. Sometimes, they didn’t even know beforehand how heavy the load was that they were carrying.

I like to do these sessions in a minimum of a 90 minute session, so that we have at least a full half hour before the actual bodywork to get present to what is happening within you, in the moment. And each session is tailored to your specific needs… there are no requirements of you other than you want to feel better than you’ve ever felt before.

In a ‘tantric healing touch’ session, you are encouraged to come more alive in every cell of your body, while at the same time you are moving in the direction of feeling more confident, whole and at peace with who you really are…in your body…and in your life.