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Being with a woman who can be with me unconditionally and with no agenda of her own other than my own well-being, was refreshing, rejuvenating and enlightening. Your exquisite healing touch soothed areas within me that had become cynical and protective from decades of being in one-sided and unhealthy relationships. It is not often that one can completely let go but during our sessions, under the guidance of your loving hands, I was not only able to let go but I also understood where it is I have been and where it is I want to go.

Thank you, Jivana, for sharing your life experience and expertise with me, and for guiding me to a deeper understanding of myself.


When I first met with Jivana, I came to her as a person who had experienced much trauma at the hands of others. During the last five years I have met with numerous counselors, therapists, and have experimented with many different forms of therapy. Some helped a little, but none really helped me return to the person I wanted to be. Within one week of working with Jivana I experienced more healing than I have in the last five years of therapy.

As I continued to work with her, every week brought more and more healing, understanding, and strength. I was amazed at the difference, and it was hard to believe the transformation I was seeing and feeling in myself. Even my family and friends have seen a tremendous change in me and have commented about it. Just when I had pretty much given up hope of ever being a whole and healthy person again, Jivana walked with me on the path of healing and helped me find the way to becoming a true human being again. Thank you Jivana!

M.R. Phoenix

"In the last few days, I have had the privilege of being taught the beginnings of Tantra by Jivana Kennedy. Jivana is an incredible woman and teacher. Not only does she have a tremendous grasp of life's experiences, she has the ability to perceive a persons spiritual and emotional depth. My initial contact with Jivana began two years ago through email, trying to understand the scope of her experience, and the services she offers. After reviewing her website, and all of her articles several times, I knew I wanted to meet her and take advantage of an opportunity to visit with her. I live outside of Arizona so I could only meet with her when I was in the Phoenix area on business . (Spring 2015).

My appointments with Jivana consisted of two visits on two separate days. Jivana made me feel very comfortable immediately. and created an atmosphere that allowed me to share and express my feelings, without any hint of judgement. She has a tremendous spirit of love and acceptance; that obviously comes from her training, and as a result of her own life's journey.

I hope anyone who reads this will seriously consider calling Jivana, and listen to her explain the services she provides in the form of teaching and guiding people in new ways of experiencing all life has to offer. I not only can fully recommend Jivana, but I strongly encourage you to seek her help and services. Jivana is very honest, forthright and kind in her approach. I had an incredible experience in her care. Jivana helped me understand some of the deep feelings I've had, and which I have harbored on my own, for years. I plan on working with Jivana in the future, as often as I possibly can.

J.B. Utah

Dear Jivana

Thank you for the session my husband had with you. I know that I received benefit as fully as he did.

As a scientist, he has more awareness of what is going on in his mind than what is going on in his body. This has impacted our ability to be intimate with each other.

After his sessions with you he was more relaxed, grounded and present in his body. It was such a treat for me to feel so much energy in his body. I was able to be open to him in a whole new way.

Thank you for your skill and caring,

Anne N.

Hello Jivana,

Thank you for the very interesting session. You are a truly unique and beautiful person. I learned a great deal and look forward to learning more. Your healing touch was amazing.

You're suggestion about looking at hormonal balance as a start, seems to be right on. I've done a great deal more research since we met and will be meeting with the doctor you suggested in the very near future.

Thank you for your interest and expertise. I look forward to our future sessions.

With much affection,


The following testimonial is from a soulful young man whose mother told him that he was conceived as the result of a rape, when his mom was 14 years old..

Dear Jivana

I appreciate that you remember me. It was such a great experience for me! And the session with you really opened me up for some really great things over the holiday. Because I was aware of my wounds with my family, I was in a place to put them aside when I went home to Texas. So I was able to really be there for my brothers and sister and we really connected for the first time since we were children. I was also able to be loving toward my mother . I was able again to open myself up to her offerings of love whereas in the past I was so wrapped up in my own resentments that I could never see her trying to love me. I think it helped a lot to be cared for by you. I honestly didn't expect that experience. Thank you.



"Thanks for a wonderful time. My session with you brought new meaning to life in general. You are truly together, and you have a spirituality that makes me feel very comfortable with you. I can't wait until I make one of my trips to Scottsdale next year so that I can meet with you again.

Steven, President, International businessman

"Supernatural is the best way I can describe how I feel after leaving our sessions. I feel very privileged and glad that I know you. You are a truly wonderful person. There are very few people that are truly real or that one can be truly real around, and you are one of them"


"After spending a great deal of time reflecting on my radical prostate surgery, and my subsequent recovery period, I would be remiss if I did not thank you in writing to inform you of how beneficial your therapy has been for me. As you may recall, at my first appointment my apprehension, and quite candidly, my lack of confidence that any healing therapy would work for me. With your patience, your concern, your words, and your healing touch I overcame one of the most common side effects of prostate surgery.

You felt from the outset that here was a light at the end of the tunnel for me, and even I doubted how bright that light could be. My light shines bright, you have brought joy back into my life, and I once again feel whole as a man.

You will always have my heartfelt gratitude for what you have done for me. I have mentioned your work to other people that have had this surgery, and they are amazed at what you were able to do. Words cannot express how eternally grateful I am to you, but this letter is what may be a feeble attempt at telling you how blessed I was to fall under your healing touch. I hope that others will be as fortunate as I was to be a recipient of your care.

My best to you always, and may your healing touch continue to show other people the light at the end of the tunnel."

With deepest appreciation, I remain,

A. Hunt

"Smiling a contented grin at the perfectness of a universe in which I can anticipate seeing you again".

T. R.

"I always leave your place feeling like I am in an altered state, and I want it to last forever"


Thank you for a wonderful session! You gave me your energy and love in a way that I have not experienced with any other woman, ever. And, to my surprise, I responded to your healing touch much more than I anticipated.

In fact, my spirit felt uplifted as I drove home! This uplift surprised me because my “Western/Hollywood/Ego/Hormone” brain told me that if I did not have an orgasm, then no uplift in spirit would be possible. But I was wrong. The simple truth is that gazing into your beautiful eyes and feeling your warm gaze and touch in return. was truly wonderful and energizing.

If you were acting this afternoon, then you were an outstanding actress and you had me fooled. But if you were sincere (which I think you were), then you introduced me to a new possibility on how to “be” with a woman. I felt your love and energy and it was wonderful. Granted, this new possibility is both scary and upsetting for me because I sense that it requires me to release my ego and my all-consuming drive for orgasm. But I also sense the beauty and connectedness that is possible.

By the way, I saw a book on called “The Art Of Tantric Sex”. Is this the book to which you were referring? If so, then I would like to order it.

There is a lot I don’t yet understand about Tantra. I’m sure there is more to Tantra than just sexuality and touching. But I detect something meaningful here and I think I should explore it. When I do see you again, I would like to try and come to you, as you say, “from the heart”. But to be perfectly honest, I’m not exactly sure how to do this. I have no script to follow. Then again, perhaps that is the point - - “from the heart” is not supposed to have a script.

Thank you again!

P. N.


I have just read your website and I am certain I need to make an appointment with you. I need some help, I want more than anything in this world to be able to enjoy the pleasures of sex as much as I once did. I have truly forgot what it was like to enjoy making love with someone. I haven't had the feeling of satisfaction that one gets from pleasuring his partner in a very long time. I am so unhappy that I find myself avoiding it all together and just don't even desire it any longer. I use to have a very strong sex drive and I guess now I do not really care if I do it or not because of being ashamed of my performance. I am depressed to the point I don't really care about anything at all. Reading your article made me realize that I can be happy and enjoy life and its greatest pleasures again. I am willing to do what ever it takes to feel like a whole person again. I am quite sure a lot of my wife's depression and being unhappy with life in general is caused by me not giving her the affection she wants and deserves.

CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME OR SHOW ME HOW I CAN MAKE MYSELF FEEL COMPLETE AGAIN. Thank you very much for your time, I am sorry I bothered you with this, I just think you are the one that can help me.

Dear .......

Your heartfelt letter so perfectly and passionately speaks of the dilemma so many people are finding themselves in these days...May I put it on my site???...without your name of course. I have come to understand what has caused this and at the very least it can be a relief to know why this is happening ... You are not to is a cultural epidemic and it is the cause or contributing factor to much of the 'need' for Prozac and Viagra....Healthy people can be having wonderful sex into their 90's and reason why not...other cultures ... more natural

Please let me know how you feel about me using your letter on my site and I shall look forward to hearing from you.


if I grow and I hope to grow it will from the time I spend in your company,

I have always felt like I was a 14 year old boy trying to be a grown up. I know I have only spent a short time together but I felt magic that day, I knew I had found the right place and the a very special person. I do not know where the road leads and maybe the destination is not that important I know it is right to be with you and learn from you. You are magical, you are so special, you are a Goddess


'Breast Cancer'.... two words that even in the smallest font, loom large. After diagnosis the letters are reduced to the important few, B.C. and A.C. The space in between is like trying to organize a Salvadore Dali painting. The “to-do” list has 'sentinel nodes' and 'high-focused radiation' scribbled in the same ink as yesterdays memo of dog food and Britta filters. The space between ‘Before' and the prayed for ‘After' is surreal in its normalcy of the inconceivable. How can I have breast cancer and, a 9:45 dental appointment?

Breast Cancer hurts in all the ways you can imagine. Swelling and burning, and filling and draining. Telling and re-telling of the day-to-day absurdities of plastic ID bracelets, iodine IV’s and hospital food that makes a mockery of the connection between health and nutrition. The waiting rooms host an odd sort of camaraderie. Strangers outfitted in identical green gowns, comparing diagnoses and treatments in varying tones of humor and heartrending despair. Seventeen months later, I understood that breast cancer hurts in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.

Tears stopped spilling out of my eyes, but instead gathered as a deep ache around my breasts. For weeks on end I would feel my throat tighten as tears pushed passed my heart and then got stuck in my fear that if I started crying I might not be able to stop. What I needed was a safe place to cry. And while there were people who could have held that space for me…I wasn’t drawn. So I trapped my grief like a bandage of sorrow around my breasts, and carried on.

Here and there I met with practitioners who helped move me through the physical parts of the process, i.e. lymph drainage, immune support, and so on. And sometimes on someone's therapy table I’d cry out in little bursts if the therapist pressed on a tender spot, or when the chiropractor released a knot in a muscle. But what I really needed was a place to detox the tsunami of grief that if I didn’t release, might just harden into another 8mm nugget of solidified, unexpressed emotion. I wasn’t looking to be advised, analyzed, checked over, or recommended.

Jivana asked me what I thought I needed, and I told her “Right now, I just need to cry”. She led me onto her healing space which felt luminous, comforting and safe. Heavenly music was playing softly in the background, as Jivana’s energy and healing touch began to affect my entire mind and body. The initial touch is so vital for me, and I breathed it in deeply. Would I be able to breathe out and just let go? My first sound was almost silent and internal. Ever so unobtrusively, Jivana gave me all of the accepting cues that encourage falling apart. Waves of feelings came flooding forth, like contractions. My body hurt. My breasts ached. All the stiffness in my upper lip was quivering, and giving way. When I placed Jivana’s hand on the scar on my breast, a lifetime of confusion gave way to something so pure. I was experiencing the healing I had been dreaming of…the touch, the love, the compassion and connection. It’s a sacred resource, and it's something Jivana has learned to access and share.

Stopped at a traffic light a few days later, I caught myself….my heart feeling in one moment heavy, and then lightening up as a wisp of ’the good feelings' cross my mind again. I remembered the space. I remembered Jivana.I remembered the whole scenario. It’s a place to fall apart if you need to, so you can actually begin to heal. What a gift!

D.M. Phoenix, Az

"Jivana~ Like I have said in the past, we have all built ourselves a haunted room in our lives and taken up partial occupancy. You bring the candle light and the holy water and with your encouragement, we dare enter it with fresh eyes, the scales have fallen away, and with conviction born of your healing alchemy exorcise our personal demons and banish them from our spirit ... prisoners no more of our warrantless fears. "

Steve H.

Good Morning Jivana!

Let me first say that you are probably among a very few people on earth who get thanked for assigning reading and homework exercises! I found one of the suggested books last evening, "The Multi Orgasmic Male" I had good energy last night and got through the first three chapters of reading ---and some of the exercising. All I can say is that after two hours and some very pleasurable discovery, a good nights rest and some wonderful wake-up breathing I feel unbelievably wonderful. I did not expect this quite so soon. It has been a morning of lots of "oh!" s. The shower running over me, "oh" swishing mouthwash, "oh" reaching for the gearshift,,,"oh" . . little wavelets of pleasure in so many places rolling around -- especially shoulders and upper chest. I can't help but think that if every man on this planet felt the way I do this morning there could only be peace and love, there simply would be no room for hatred, non acceptance and the wars that come from it. I realize this is amazingly heavy, but -- it seems to be an amazing morning.

God Bless you, Jivana.

With love,


" Jivana, You said the word 'priestess' today and it rang so true to me…….A couple of weeks ago i said to my partner, 'i am a priestess and it's time for me to rise into what i know is true'. I realize that the radiant woman that he was so drawn to in the beginning, has been sucked dry. It's time for the sun to shine again. I miss sharing with people who speak that same language. You have been a great reminder of the divine feminine energy that is so potent. I can remember tasting the nectar of life and I'm ready to move forward into the purity of my own strength and blissfulness.

I am so grateful for our time together........You have been a blessing for me and if it is meant to be I would love to continue dancing with you, and learning from you!

I don’t think I can thank you enough for your time today."

Many blessings,


Jivana is wonderful! She taught me the wisdom of tantra, also taught me techniques to connect to my partner in a more intimate way. Thanks Jivana!


‘We have really taken your teachings and run with them. Christy has really opened up and has a completely different view and outlook on everything including our sex life. Thank you for helping us getting out of the old place. I personally have had a huge awakening. Life is not at all what I used to think it was all about.

The power, fun and fulfillment come from being connected, calm and centered. I no longer waste my energy on the things my ego wants and doesn't want. The closer I get with my wife, the more I send her love and positive thoughts including healing thoughts the more sex she wants to have.

The irony is I have a completely new wife and relationship and the only thing that really changed are my thoughts. I work hard every day on improving my thoughts and staying connected to my higher self. Thanks again."

MB Phoenix~

"Let the beauty you love be what you do
There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth" Rumi ~